6355 ft (1932 m).

General Topographic Description

The Ridgeline site is located on a prominent north-south trending ridgetop overlooking Alkali Canyon to the west, Montezuma Valley to the south, and a rolling slope to Crow Canyon to the east. The small drainages to the east along with the larger drainages of Alkali Canyon and Crow Canyon flow south several kilometers to Montezuma Creek. The vicinity consists of gently rolling uplands formed on the top of the Dakota Sandstone. These uplands are covered with eolian silt loam approximately 1.25 m thick. These eolian soils were heavily farmed by early Puebloans of the Mesa Verde culture, and are farmed commercially today.

Perennial Water Source(s)

McElmo Creek, 2500 m to the south, is the only permanent water source in the area.


Alkalai Canyon 200 m to the west.

Water-Impoundment Features