Dedicated. Passionate. Resilient.

Volunteers are crucial members of the team to help make archaeology at Crow Canyon relevant and accessible.

Robin Lyle

Independent Researcher; Lab Volunteer

Robin is a poultry research scientist interested in ancient agriculture, turkey husbandry, and material cultures of the past.

Diane McBride

Lab Volunteer

Diane is the Director of Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance and coordinator of the Site Stewardship, both supporting AHC and CANM.

Lew Matis

Lab Volunteer

Lew is interested in pottery design, geological sourcing of chipped stone, and methods of reconstructing past environments.

Mary Schultz

Lab Volunteer

Mary is passionate about analyzing artifacts and preparing them for curation.

Read Brugger

PFP Volunteer

Read is excited to explore the intersection of Pueblo farmers’ enduring agricultural practices and today’s rapidly changing climate.

Susan Montgomery

Project Assistant; Lab Volunteer

Susan is a Crow Canyon Earthwatch alumna and experimental potter interested in the archaeology of southwestern peoples.

Nancy Evans

Library/Explorations Volunteer

Nancy is inventorying the Crow Canyon research library in addition to her work with Cultural Explorations.

Larry Keller

Lab Volunteer

Larry is a retired attorney and has been a volunteer in the lab at Crow Canyon since 2010.

David (Dave) W. Melanson

Board of Trustees

Dave is a retired aerospace engineer with a career in the Air Force and private industry leading national security space projects. He joined the Board in 2017 and lives in Cortez, Colorado.