Where are they now? Crow Canyon’s Internship Program

What do the Pueblo of Pojoaque, the National Renewable Energy Lab, Smith College, the Oberlin Heritage Center and the Chrysler Museum of Art have in common? They all employ former Crow Canyon interns! Approximately 375 interns have gone through Crow Canyon’s program since the late 1980’s, working in the field, the lab, education, and American Indian Initiatives. About 25% of them now work as professional archaeologists, another 15% are in academia, and about 20% are in graduate school. The remaining 40% work in a wide variety of fields – employed as museum directors, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, teachers, landscape architects, urban planners, and administrators.

Join us for this fascinating discussion with five former Crow Canyon interns. They will reflect on how their internships at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center shaped their professional career choices and personal development. The panel will be moderated by Liz Perry, Crow Canyon CEO and an intern herself in 1995.