Un-Erasing the Indigenous Paleolithic: Re-claiming and Re-Writing the Indigenous Past of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas)

In the Americas, the deep Indigenous past prior to 12,000 years before the present has been aggressively denied by American anthropologists for over a century. Anthropologists’ denial of the deep Indigenous past of the Americas has cleaved Indigenous people’s links to their homeland and created them as recent immigrants to the Americas on a global scale of human history. Dr. Steeves has listed over 500 pre-11,200 YBP archaeological sites in a database of Pleistocene ages archaeological sites in North and South America that meet or exceed the scientific criteria for a legitimate archaeological site. Based on research and the published data of hundreds of pre-11,200 years before present archaeological sites, oral traditions, environmental evidence and paleo-mammalian migrations, Dr. Steeves argues that people have been in the Western Hemisphere for over 130,000 years.