Loren Aragon – Fashion Designer & Multimedia Artist

Loren Aragon is a Native American fashion designer and multimedia artist from the Acoma Pueblo of New Mexico. Aragon was introduced to the arts at an early age with his mother as his mentor. He maintained a connection to the arts throughout his academic career while in pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering. After attaining his degree from the Arizona State University in 2004, Aragon embarked on the career path as an engineer living and working in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Living outside his Acoma community and establishing a career in engineering has led to a number of new experiences for Aragon. It has also allowed him to observe a necessity to find a means of cultural preservation for his people. In 2016, Loren’s journey transitioned from engineering to a full-time fashion designer under his own brand, ACONAV.

Fashion design has become another means for Loren to express his artistic talents. It allows him to capture ideas predominantly influenced by the pottery culture and traditional dress of the Acoma people. The ACONAV collections are culturally fueled by the pottery designs of the Acoma people with traditional dress elements as highlights to modern couture looks.

"I am motivated by the stories and life lessons of my culture and the neighboring cultures of the Southwest. My response to these revelations is an exploration of ancient ideas applied to modern styles. These ideas are orchestrated and visually vocalized on a canvas of my choosing. My study and practice as a mechanical engineer further fuel my creative passion and define my abilities as a designer. My work is the result of a combination of my artistic vision and technological discipline. It may seem that my work is severed from the conventional practices of my Acoma people. Truthfully, I value and sincerely appreciate the ancestral arts of my people. However, I feel it necessary to demonstrate an investigation into other art forms, in parallel with observing historic and cultural preservation. I challenge myself to find new and undiscovered ways to represent Indigenous art with the hopes of igniting the interests of future generations. Fashion and art are my connection to my cultural identity and more so my bond to life. Through my art, I am able to create my dreams and make my visions tangible. Each creation becomes an extension of my life, love, creativity, and prayers. Through my creations, I am able to share my beliefs, maintain a connection with my origins, and reveal my individuality."