Structure 814, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Near the southwest end of the pueblo in Architectural Block 800.

Specific Location

Adjacent to, and west-northwest of, Structure 805, a great kiva peripheral room.

Interpretive Type

Mealing room.

Structure Use

Four metate bins with grinding implements and peckingstones were found on the floor and indicate the room was used for food-processing.


When the structure was abandoned, the four metate bins were partly dismantled. It appears that most of the roof was then dismantled, and the upper portions of the east, south, and west walls were dismantled as part of the construction of Structure 808 (kiva), the northeast wall of which was built on top of the southwest part of this mealing room. A small portion of the roof might have been burned.


The remaining room depression was filled with wall fall and alluvial deposits, and the ruins were buried beneath wind-and-water-deposited sediments.

Excavation Details