Structure 813, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Near the southwest end of pueblo in Architectural Block 800; part of the great kiva complex.

Specific Location

North-northwest of, and adjacent to, the great kiva, Structure 800.

Interpretive Type

Public architecture.

Structure Use

Use of the room is assumed to have been associated with the great kiva somehow. Only a very small area of floor was exposed; no data on which to infer room use.


A few pottery sherds were left on the small area of floor that we exposed; the type of abandonment thus cannot be inferred. Soon after the room was abandoned and after a small amount of the roof had collapsed, the remains of an adult (Human Remains Occurrence 24) and an infant (Human Remains Occurrence 25) were deposited in the room. The remains of the infant appear to have been carefully placed in the room. The adult remains were found partly disarticulated, and some bones were highly fragmented. The remains of a young canine were also found in the room; the animal was either buried in the room or died there at relatively the same time the human remains were deposited. Most of the roof and parts of the walls collapsed after the remains were deposited. The pieces of charcoal found in the lower fill of this room might be fragments of burned roof beams; however, the small quantity of burned wood and the presence of some rotted wood suggests most of the roof deteriorated naturally or was dismantled, rather than being burned.


Room filled with wall fall, roof fall, and thick alluvial deposits.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.