Structure 811, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Near the southwest end of pueblo in Architectural Block 800; part of the great kiva complex.

Specific Location

Adjacent to, and southwest of, the great kiva, Structure 800.

Interpretive Type

Public architecture.

Structure Use

Use of the room is assumed to have been associated with the great kiva somehow. This room is one part of a larger room that was subdivided by the addition of a wall down its length. Surface 1 is the floor of this smaller room; Surface 2 is probably the floor of the original, larger room. Numerous artifacts were left on the area of Surface 2 exposed; this refuse appears to be mostly de facto, but there also seems to be some primary refuse present. Several stone tools and some chipped-stone debris were left on the floor, including a cluster of tools in the southeast corner of the room. These tools might have been used or might have been stored in this location. A wall niche in the southeastern wall is the only such feature found in the peripheral rooms around the great kiva at this site. The presence of a niche could indicate the the room had a special use.


De facto and primary refuse was left on the area of floor exposed. The roof was not burned; instead, it either deteriorated or was dismantled. There is no evidence of cultural activity in the room after it was abandoned. It is possible, therefore, that the abandonment was hurried, and coincided with the end of the occupation of the village.


Structure filled with wall fall and wind-and-water deposited sediments.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.