Structure 809, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Near the southwest end of the pueblo in Architectural Block 800; part of the great kiva complex.

Specific Location

Adjacent to, and northwest of, the great kiva, Structure 800.

Interpretive Type

Public architecture.

Structure Use

Use of the room is assumed to have been associated with the great kiva somehow. The absence of a thermal feature suggests this room was not used for habitation; however, less than one-half of the floor was exposed, so a thermal feature could exist in the unexcavated portion of the room. Numerous manos and metates as well as other tools were found in collapsed roofing debris. These items were probably on the roof and so do not directly reflect on the use of the interior of the room; however, their presence in roof fall suggests that activities such as food processing occurred on the roof of this room. A doorway (Feature 1) provided direct access between this room and the room immediately to the south (Structure 805). These two rooms are the only two peripheral rooms known to have been connected by a doorway.


Lack of artifacts on the floor suggests a leisurely abandonment.


The roof gradually deteriorated and collapsed. Portions of the northwest and southeast walls collapsed. Structure filled with wall fall, roof fall, and wind-and-water-deposited sediment.

Excavation Details