Structure 806, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Near the southwest end of the pueblo in Architectural Block 800; part of the great kiva complex.

Specific Location

North of, and adjacent to, a great kiva, Structure 800.

Interpretive Type

Public architecture.

Structure Use

This study unit might have been either a great kiva peripheral room or an open area; only two walls were defined for this room, and both were actually constructed as the walls of other rooms. The wall that would be the northwest wall of this room is tied to the north wall of Structure 807, and thus was built as part of that structure. The southwest wall of Structure 806 was constructed as the great kiva wall. Further testing would be necessary to confirm the presence of a north wall and an east wall for Structure 806.The presence of manos and metates on the floor (or use surface) indicate that this space was probably used for food processing.


De facto refuse was left on the surface. No evidence of roof beams was encountered. So this might have been an extramural surface instead of a room, or the roof might have been dismantled, or the vegetal roofing material might have naturally deteriorated.


Room or space filled with wall collapse (from adjacent structures) and wind-and-water-deposited sediments.

Excavation Details