Structure 700, aboveground kiva

About this Structure

General Location

Southwestern corner of pueblo in Architectural Block 700.

Specific Location

Western portion of Architectural Block 700.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

This structure contains features typical of Pueblo III kivas in this region. Several features, including a masonry bench face, a ventilation system, a deflector, a pilaster, and a southern recess, were exposed in the excavation unit. Although no artifacts were found on the small area of the floor that was exposed, the presence of features typically found in kivas suggests that this structure was used in the same ways that other ordinary-sized kivas were used during this time period (some combination of domestic and ritual uses).


Soon after the kiva was abandoned and a small portion of the roof had collapsed, the remains of an individual) came to rest on the collapsed roofing debris. After the human remains were deposited and the kiva filled with more structural collapse, some portion of the roof was burned.


After a portion of the roof burned and collapsed, wall fall and sediment accumulated naturally in the kiva depression. The human remains resting just above the kiva floor (Human Remains Occurrence 27) appear to have been disturbed, because some elements (provenienced as Human Remains Occurrence 26) that are believed to be from the same individual represented by the remains just above the floor (Human Remains Occurrence 27) were found scattered through the fill. The scattering of the remains might have been caused by rodents; however, this is inconclusive.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.