Structure 312, kiva corner room

About this Structure

General Location

Block 300, west of spring; borders east-northeast end of plaza.

Specific Location

Northeast corner room off of Structure 306 (kiva); located in the small, triangular space between the kiva and the kiva-enclosing wall.. Overlies Nonstructure 314.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

The existence of this structure is questionable; the structure was designated on the basis of an inferred wall that would have been similar to the curved lower lining wall that formed Structures 309 and 310 for the southeast and southwest corners (respectively) of Structure 306 (kiva). If such a wall did enclose the northeast corner, this area might have been used for the storage of tools and other small items. The wall, if it existed, was dismantled when or after the kiva was abandoned. The best evidence that such a wall did exist is the differential density of artifacts in the corner relative to the kiva floor as a whole, although at least one of the artifacts in the area of Structure 312 is actually in the location of the proposed wall and would thus have to have been under the wall.


If this structure did exist, it would have been abandoned in the same leisurely manner as the associated kiva (Structure 306).


If this structure did once exist, the wall that formed it was dismantled when or after the kiva (Structure 306) was abandoned. Portions of the kiva roof might have been salvaged as well; the unsalvaged portions would have been deposited onto the floor of the kiva and this structure. Through time, the upper walls of the kiva collapsed and additional sediment was deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.