Structure 207, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Block 200, west edge of site, west-northwest of plaza.

Specific Location

Just north of, and adjacent to, Structures 208/212.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

Little direct evidence of use of this small room. A few tools and sherd clusters were found on the floor. There are no indications of habitation, such as a hearth, and no doorway. Access is thus assumed to have been through a roof hatchway. The room does have a prepared floor, which is more typical of habitation rooms than of storage rooms; however the absence of a hearth and the inferred hatchway entry lead to an interpretation of storage for this room.


The small number of artifacts on the floor suggests a leisurely abandonment.


Roof and upper walls collapsed naturally and additional sediment was deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.