Structure 1601, kiva, type unknown

About this Structure

General Location

In Architectural Block 1600, which is west of the main drainage that divides the site and north of the site-enclosing wall.

Specific Location

This is the only identified structure in Architectural Block 1600.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

This structure contains typical kiva features, including a masonry bench face and upper lining wall, a ventilator system, a deflector, and a hearth. Also typical are the locations of the two pilasters found in the excavated portion of the structure, which suggests that there are a total of six in the structure as a whole. The hearth provided heat and light and suggests that cooking may have occurred in the kiva. However, because we could find no associated surface rooms or midden, it is not clear whether this kiva was used for the purposes for which other ordinary-sized kivas were used in this region during the Pueblo III period (that is, for domestic purposes and for household-level rituals).


Only a few artifacts, including a cluster of sherds and several flakes, were left on the floor. The roof appears to have either been dismantled or to have deteriorated. The only remnants of the roof found in the fill of the structure were nodules of construction sediment. The paucity of wall fall in the structure fill suggests stones were robbed from this structure and used elsewhere, probably in the village proper. Abandonment was thus planned and leisurely.


Ephemeral reuse (in-situ burning) occurred in the kiva depression after the structure was abandoned and had almost completely filled with sediment and structural debris. A small amount of refuse was then culturally deposited into the depression. Naturally deposited sediments accumulated above the refuse.

Excavation Details