Structure 1524, kiva corner room

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1500, west-central portion of site, east of plaza.

Specific Location

East half of the D-shaped building; adjacent to (west of) the southern recess of the eastern kiva, Structure 1501. Located below the upper-story corner room, Structure 1523 (Structure 1524 is the lower story, and Structure 1523, the upper, of this two-story building).

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

This room is directly beneath Structure 1523. There are few data on which to base an interpretation of use. No artifacts were found on the excavated portion of the floor, and the only features present were roof beam sockets and an access tunnel between the east wall of the room and the south end of the ventilator tunnel. This route through the ventilator tunnel was the only means of gaining access into the structure. The room is very small and the roof, which was largely preserved, was only approximately 96 cm above the floor. Thus, only a small child could have stood upright in this structure that was therefore more like a crawl space than a room. There was no evidence of a hatchway in the roof; thus, there was apparently no access between this space and the room above it (Structure 1523). This space was probably used for storage.


The structure is assumed to have been abandoned in the same manner as the associated kiva; that is, it was abandoned in a leisurely manner, while occupation of the village continued.


It is possible that some items were introduced into the room fill just above the level of the floor during a brief reuse of the kiva main chamber (Structure 1501). Field records indicate the possibility of some culturally deposited materials in the fill above the floor. The roof of the room (also the floor of Structure 1523) survived with only minor subsiding. Thus, most of the fill in the room, which was naturally deposited), must have entered the structure through the tunnel that led to the ventilator system of the kiva. The room fill had been disturbed by rodents.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.