Structure 1512, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1500, west-central portion of site, east of plaza.

Specific Location

In the northeast "corner" of the D-shaped building; east of Structure 1504.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

Few data on which to base an interpretation of use. The location of this room in a D-shaped, bi-wall structure might indicate special use. Although artifacts were provenienced as being associated with the exposed portion of the floor, it is unknown whether any were found in direct contact with it. No features were found on the exposed portion of the floor. A doorway in the west wall of the room indicates that, originally, there was mutual access between this room and Structure 1504 adjacent to the west. A doorway in the south wall of this room indicates that there was originally mutual access between this room and Structure 1511 adjacent to the south. Both of these doorways were blocked with masonry sometime during the use of the rooms, probably indicating a change in the use of the room. Thereafter, access could have been through an unexposed doorway in the south half of the east wall of the room (if one exists), or could have been through a roof hatchway.


Only a few artifacts were on or near the floor, which suggests that abandonment of the room was leisurely. The absence of secondary refuse in the room fill suggests that abandonment of the room occurred at the same time the block was abandoned.


Field documentation unclear. Some type of organic material accumulated on the floor after abandonment, then, in an unknown order, the roof beams rotted and the roof collapsed, and the upper portions of the walls collapsed into the room. Additional sediment accumulated naturally. Numerous artifacts were found in the fill of this room, but inferences about the vertical locations, origins, and depositional contexts of those items cannot be made on the basis of existing documentation. It is possible that these objects were left on the roof of the room, and they entered the room as the roof slowly collapsed.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.