Structure 1220, kiva corner room

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1200, southeast quadrant of site, on cliff edge.

Specific Location

Southeast corner room adjacent to Structure 1206 (kiva); occupies the space between the southeast wall of the kiva, the site-enclosing wall to the east, and the north wall of Structure 1208 to the south. Below Nonstructure 1218.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

Few data on which to base an inference of use. There were no floor features and no artifacts were documented as resting on the floor. This irregularly shaped space had a bedrock floor that was level with the bench surface in the adjacent kiva, and the top of the doorway in the south wall was approximately 85 cm above the floor of the room. Thus, this room was less than 1 m high and was more like a crawl space. Access was through a doorway in the south wall of the structure. This doorway opened into Structure 1208, although it might have led originally into open space if this structure was built before Structure 1208. A small pass-through in the northwest wall opened into the kiva (Structure 1206) at the back of Pilaster 6. This small opening would have allowed communication, and objects to be passed, between the two structures, but was probably too small for a person, even a small child, to pass through. The characteristics of this room lead to the inference that the room was used for storage.


Abandonment appears to have been leisurely, as no artifacts were documented as resting on the floor.


No collapsed roofing stratum was clearly defined in this room. Some of the room fill was interpreted as having been possibly culturally deposited, so this room might have been abandoned before the kiva suite was abandoned (although the doorway in the south wall was never blocked, as one might expect if the intent was to fill the room with rubble and Structure 1208 continued to be used).

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.