Structure 1212, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1200, southeast quadrant of site, on cliff edge.

Specific Location

At north end of excavated portion of Block 1200, between Structure 1209 to the south and Structure 1203 (tower) to the north; adjacent to (southwest of) Structure 1204. Structure 1212 is below Nonstructure 1214 (the midden discarded into abandoned Structures 1212 and 1204), which in turn is below Arbitrary Unit 1216. Structure 1212 is also located on top of the southwest half of Structure 1215, which was the original large room that was subdivided into two smaller rooms, Structures 1212 and 1204.

Interpretive Type

Mealing room.

Structure Use

This small room contains three metate bins (Features 1-3), which is clear evidence that the structure was used as a mealing room. The bins occupy such a large portion of the floor that the room was probably used excusively for this purpose. There is also a burned spot (Feature 4) on the floor, the remains of a fire that might have been built to provide workers with heat and/or light.


The trash fill above the dismantled metate bins and the collapsed east wall of the structure indicate that the structure was abandoned in a leisurely manner, and that this occurred before the architectural block was abandoned, and possibly before the kiva suite was abandoned.


The metate bins were dismantled (either before, during, or after abandonment), the roof collapsed, the east wall of the room collapsed into the structure, refuse (Nonstructure 1214) was deposited above the collapsed wall, a human body (Human Remains Occurrence 5) was placed into the midden deposits along the south wall of the room in what would have been the southeast corner if the east wall had been standing, and then additional wall stones and sediment were deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.