Structure 117, kiva corner room

About this Structure

General Location

Block 100, north end of site, just west of drainage.

Specific Location

Below Arbitrary Unit 112, in east "wing" of Block 100. Located just outside (to the southwest) the Structure 102 main chamber (kiva), between the kiva and the kiva-enclosing wall.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

Few indications of how this space was used, as it appears to have been abandoned before the kiva suite was abandoned. A small niche in the southeast corner suggests possible ritual use. Small size and absence of floor features are consistent with use as a storage room. The pass-through opening into this room through the upper liining wall of the associated kiva (Structure 102) would have permitted objects to be handed from one structure to the other, but was not large enough to have allowed anyone except a very small child to have moved bodily between these two structures. Physical access into Structure 117 for everyone else thus must have been through a roof hatchway.


The roof was not burned. Room was abandoned before the kiva suite was abandoned; was partly filled with intentionally deposited rubble and a small amount of refuse.


Upper portions of walls collapsed into depression; sediments were deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.