Structure 116, kiva corner room

About this Structure

General Location

Block 100, north end of site, just west of drainage.

Specific Location

Below Arbitrary Unit 112, in east "wing" of Block 100. Located just outside (to the southeast) the Structure 102 main chamber (kiva), between the kiva and the kiva-enclosing wall.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

Few indications of how this space was used, as it appears to have been abandoned before the kiva suite was abandoned. A small niche in the east wall suggests ritual use. Small size and absence of floor features are consistent with use as a storage room. The pass-through opening into this room through the upper lining wall of the associated kiva (Structure 102) would have permitted objects to be handed from one structure to the other, but was not large enough to have allowed anyone except a very small child to have moved bodily between these two structures. Physical access into Structure 116 for everyone else thus must have been through a roof hatchway. Portions of Vessel 25 were found in a niche (Feature 25) of Structure 116, in the upper fill of Structure 102 (kiva), in floor features, roof fall, and upper fill of Structure 107 (kiva), and on the floor and in the fill of Structure 105 (storage room). It is not possible to determine how these sherds came to be distributed in those contexts, but one might infer that this distribution is evidence that those structures (along with Structure 101, which is connected to Structure 107 by a doorway) were occupied by one residence group, as evidence of ritual distribution of these sherds, as evidence of a violent abandonment event in which vessels became broken and scattered, or any combination of the above.


The roof was not burned. Abandonment of this structure appears to have occurred before the other structures in this area of Block 100 were abandoned. Intentional fill was deposited on the floor.


This room was partly filled with intentionally deposited rubble and domestic refuse, including bones from the same adolescent designated as Human Remains Occurrence 4 (bones from whom were also found in various other locations), as well as some bones from at least one adult. These bones appear to have been from individuals who died in a violent event at or near the end of the occupation of this portion of the roomblock. The remains of other probable victims were found on the floors of Structures 105 and 107. Sherds from reconstructible vessels 76, 79, and 80 were found in the refuse in this stucture, as well as in Structures 102, 108, and 118. The events that resulted in the disarticulation of the bodies and subsequent deposition of the bones and the sherds into these various locations are unknown. Later, the upper portions of the walls collapsed into the room depression; sediments were deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.