Structure 1010, kiva, type unknown

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1000, northeast quadrant of site.

Specific Location

Northwest quadrant of block, just south of Kiva Suite 1004, overlooking the main drainage and the spring.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

The presence of a prepared floor, deflector, hearth, vent system, and masonry bench face within our test unit in a circular depression indicates that this structure fits our architectural definition of a kiva. Thus, it is inferred that this structure was probably used in the same ways that other ordinary-size kivas in this area were used during Pueblo III times (in general, for domestic purposes and household-level rituals). A few tools, flakes, and crushed partial vessels were associated with the use of the structure within the area of our test pit.


At the time or soon after the structure was abandoned, human remains (Human Remains Occurrence 30) were deposited on the floor. Only articulated leg and foot bones were exposed within our test pit; however, the rest of the skeleton might be present just outside our pit. The context of the remains suggests that this was not a careful placement or a composed burial. The roof (unburned at that time) might have begun to deteriorate and collapse before these remains were deposited. The roof was then burned and might have been partly dismantled as well. The deposition of the human remains and/or the burning of the roof could have been associated with the abandonment of the village, as this structure is near the intensively excavated portion of Block 1000. That portion of the block contains clear evidence of a warfare event that ended the occupation of that kiva suite, and possibly resulted in the abandonment of the village.


The burned and unburned roofing debris collapsed into the structure, the upper walls of this structure and probably adjacent structures collapsed into the depression, and additional sediment was naturally deposited.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.