Structure 1005, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1000, northeast quadrant of site.

Specific Location

Against site-enclosing wall in southeast corner of excavated portion of Block 1000. Below Arbitrary Unit 1014.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

A few sherds, flakes, and a piece of ground stone were the only artifacts found on the floors of this room. However, the leveled, prepared floors, the floor-level doorway, and the floor features (a firepit and a slab-lined pit) all suggest that this room was used for domestic purposes and is thus tentatively inferred to have been used as a living room. The doorway might have been plugged at some point during the use of the room. If so, entry might have been through a hatchway. Also, use of the room might have changed at that time.


Abandonment of this room appears to have been leisurely, with usable items removed. No roof fall was detected in this room, so at the same time or after the room was abandoned the roof might have been salvaged. The upper walls collapsed, either when the roof was removed, or shortly thereafter.


After the upper walls collapsed into the room, a sizable fire was built in the southeast corner of the room. An unknown (but probably fairly short) length of time later, the remains of two individuals (designated "Human Remains Occurrences," or HROs) approximately 15 years old (HROs 11 and 12) and an adult female 20-30 years old (HRO 10) were carelessly deposited onto the ashy remains of the fire. HRO 11 had two small antemortem depression fractures on his/her skull, and the base of the skull exhibited perimortem crushing. It is not unlikely that the deaths of these three individuals were associated with a warfare event that ended the occupation of this kiva suite (and perhaps of the village), as other carelessly deposited bodies were found in other structures in this kiva suite, and three of those (HROs 19, 20, and 22) exhibited skeletal evidence of violent death. After the deposition of the three bodies into Structure 1005, additional portions of the room walls collapsed onto the human remains and sediment was also deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.