Structure 1003, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Block 1000, northeast quadrant of site.

Specific Location

Between Structure 1004 (kiva) to the southwest and Structures 1001 and 1002 to the northeast; north-northwest of Nonstructure 1000 (courtyard).

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

Numerous usable tools and partial vessels were found on the floor of this room. These artifacts, along with the large size of the room and the flagstone preparation of at least a portion of the floor, suggests that the structure might have been used for habitation. However, the room contains no prepared hearth or firepit, only a "burned spot" resulting from an expeditious fire. Also, no doorway is present in the extant portions of the walls, which are preserved to a substantial height. A possible doorway (Feature 2) was inferred for the south wall; however, if this doorway existed, a step or ladder would have been required to use it, as it would have been an estimated 1.3 m above the level of the floor. If this doorway did not exist, then this room would presumably have been entered through a roof hatchway. Indications of use of this room are thus ambiguous, and no interpretive type is assigned.


The number of usable items left on the floor and the absence of refuse in the structure fill suggests that this structure was abandoned at the same time and in the same manner as the kiva suite. The presence of the remains of at least four individuals who died violently when occupation of this suite ended (see Human Remains Occurrences 11, 19, 20, and 22) and the presence of several other bodies that were carelessly deposited at that same time suggest that abandonment of this structure and suite was catastrophic--the result of a violent event in which at least some of the residents of this suite were killed and their bodies not formally buried.


The roof and then the upper walls collapsed naturally, and additional sediment was deposited naturally.

Excavation Details

No excavation details recorded for this study unit.