Structure 903, earth-walled pit structure

About this Structure

General Location

North part of the site.

Specific Location

At the north edge of the roomblock in Architectural Block 900.

Interpretive Type

Structure Use

The type of use of this earth-walled pit structure is unclear. The structure contained a pit feature and a large wall feature that might have provided mutual access between this structure and another structure to the southeast.


The lack of artifacts on the structure floor suggests that the structure was cleaned out at or after abandonment. The absence of beams in the fill suggests the beams were salvaged for reuse elsewhere.


Initially the roof collapsed and then two different episodes of trash deposition occurred. On top of these deposits is a layer of predominantly natural sediments that may represent an hiatus in the occupation of this area. Then cultural materials were deposited, possibly associated with the use of surface Nonstructure 901, and later, deposits associated with the construction and occupation of the adjacent masonry roomblock.

Excavation Details