Structure 204, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

South part of the site.

Specific Location

At the north edge of the roomblock in Architectural Block 200.

Interpretive Type

Structure Use

Probable masonry room, but function could not be determined from the limited portion excavated. The irregularity and slope of the floor surface (as well as absence of associated artifacts and features) suggest the possibility that this is not the interior of a room, but is merely an extramural surface bounded on the the south and the west by the outside faces of other structures. Evidence that this was indeed a structure is the slightly rounded shaped of the corner where the west and south walls meet, and that these two walls are tied, indicating that the two walls were built at the same time.


The low height of the walls and the lack of rubble within the room fill suggest that the upper portions of these walls were dismantled so that the rocks could be reused elsewhere. This could have occurred when the room was abandoned, or sometime shortly thereafter (but prior to the construction of Structure 205). Roofing beams appear to have been removed for reuse elsewhere in the village; this occurred either when the structure was abandoned (and caused the roof to collapse), or the roof collapsed naturally and the beams were pulled out of the fill.


The undismantled portion of the south wall was used as a foundation for the north wall of Structure 205. Deposits associated with the construction, use, abandonment, and collapse of Structure 205 accumulated above Structure 204.

Excavation Details