Structure 1208, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

In the great tower complex.

Specific Location

20 m east-northeast of the great tower bi-wall structure.

Interpretive Type

Mealing room.

Structure Use

This structure is one of the few cells in this architectural block that does not contain a kiva. The presence of mealing bins in the floor suggests at least some domestic activities occurred in this room. A possible pass-through between structures 1205 and 1208 was defined in the east wall of Structure 1205 (which would have been the west wall of Structure 1208). If such a pass-through did exist, it would indicate that Structure 1205 (kiva) and Structure 1208 (mealing room) were used by one residential group. Manos and metates were found in the fill of Structure 1205. These artifacts could have originated in Structure 1208, been removed from that structure and deposited as backfill in Stucture 1205 during the 1931 Western State College field school excavations of this roomblock. Thus, there might have been additional grinding features in this room.


Prior excavation destroyed evidence of abandonment events.


Structure was excavated and backfilled during the Western State College field school in 1931.

Excavation Details