Structure 1318, earth-walled pit structure

About this Structure

General Location

East-central portion of site.

Specific Location

East-central edge of Block 1300; exposed in Backhoe Trench 1305.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure 1318 is similar to other pit structures occupied during the Pueblo I period and was probably used in a combination of domestic and ritual activities. The presence of several sherds (including one Chapin Black-on-white bowl sherd), and a core on the floor surface indicates a domestic use of the structure. The presence of a hearth (Feature2) also indicates a domestic use of the structure and would have been used for light, heat, and food preparation.


Natural sediments accumulated on the surface and into the pit (Feature 1) after the surface was no longer used. It is unknown when the surface fell out of use. The primary beams were removed from the roof and were probably recycled.


Structure 1307 was constructed inside a portion of Structure 1318 after Structure 1318 was no longer in use. Natural sediments accumulated in the depressions created by Structure 1318 and 1307.

Excavation Details