Structure 124, subterranean room

About this Structure

General Location

Central portion of site.

Specific Location

East-central portion of Block 100.

Interpretive Type

Mealing room.

Structure Use

The floor of Structure 124 contained two metate bins (Features 1 and 2) and one pit not further specified (Feature 3) as well as numerous tools. The metate bins indicate that mealing activities occurred in this structure. The presence of three peckingstones, one core, and one mano on the structure floor also indicates domestic use of this structure. Five peckingstones, five indeterminate ground stones, and one tchamahia fragment were collected from Feature 1, metate bin. One maul, two modified flakes, one modified stone/mineral, and seven peckingstones were collected from Feature 3, pit not specified. All of these artifacts present within Structure 124 indicates that it was used a mealing room and a place to use and store tools.


Based on pottery data, Structure 124 was probably abandoned in the early Pueblo III period. The dominant pottery type of the structure floor and in the features in Mancos Black-on-white and McElmo Black-on-white. One Mesa Verde Black-on-white sherd was recovered from a feature indicating that the structure was occupied at least until the early Pueblo III period.


After the roof of Structure 124 collapsed on to the floor, natural sediments accumulated in the depression of Structure 124. Two extramural surfaces, Nonstructure 126 and Nonstructure 129 (with features) were identified in natural fill above Structure 124.

Excavation Details