Structure 122, subterranean kiva

About this Structure

General Location

Central portion of site.

Specific Location

East-central portion of Block 100. Immediately below Structure 123.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure 122 is similar to other pit structures occupied during the Pueblo II period and was probably used in a combination of domestic and ritual activities. The characteristics that set this structure apart from other kivas is that the diameter of the structure is larger than average and the structure is associated with surface rooms (Structures 102, 103, and 104) that have Chacoan architectural characteristics. Photographs of Structure 122 (taken by Colorado Mountain College) indicate that Structure 122 was constructed with tabular masonry and oversized pilasters. Because Structure 123 was constructed inside of Structure 122, the floor surface and floor features of Structure 122 were destroyed except for portions of floor near the bench.


No pottery was collected from the floor of Structure 122. The roof was intentionally burned. Secondary refuse, Nonstructure 154, was deposited into the depression left by Structure 122 after the roof had collapsed. Nonstructure 154 deposits date from the late Pueblo II period, therefore Structure 122 was decommissioned in the late Pueblo II period.


The roof of Structure 122 burned and collapsed on to the structure floor. Secondary refuse, Nonstructure 154, was deposited above the roof sediments. Natural sediments accumulated above the refuse deposits.

Excavation Details