Structure 110, earth-walled pit structure

About this Structure

General Location

Central portion of site.

Specific Location

West-central portion of Block 100.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure 110 is similar to other pit structures occupied during the Pueblo I period and was probably used in a combination of domestic and ritual activities. The presence of two sherds and a flake on the floor surface indicates domestic activities. The hearth (Structure 110, Feature 1) also indicates a domestic use of the structure and would have been used for light, heat, and food preparation.


Structure 110 was abandoned in the Pueblo I period. Nonstructure 101 (midden) deposits (above the roof sediments of Structure 110) are dominated by Mancos Black-on-white and McElmo Black-on-white sherds.


Natural fill accumulated above the roof sediments of Structure 110. Secondary refuse was deposited above the natural sediments during the Pueblo II period. A burial pit (Nonstructure 125, Feature 1) was excavated from Nonstructure 125, Surface 1 through Nonstructure 101 deposits into natural sediments; Human Remains Occurrence 1 (Nonstructure 125, Feature 2) was interred and covered by secondary refuse. Plowing activities disturbed Nonstructure 101 upper deposits.

Excavation Details