Structure 404, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Grid-northeast edge of site.

Specific Location

Adjacent to, and east of, Structure 403.

Interpretive Type


Structure Use

This was the lower story of a two-story (possibly three-story) building. No floor artifacts were found within the portion excavated. One floor feature is similar to features in Structures 308, 119, and 124 (slabs plastered into floors). Structures 119 and 124 are front rooms that also contained hearths. Use of Structure 404 thus might have included food processing or meal preparation. Loopholes (one in the exposed portion of the east wall and two in the north wall) provided views north and east across the drainage that bounds the site to the north.


Abandonment events for this structure appear to be similar to that for many other structures on site--roof beams removed, human remains left unburied as a result of an attack that caused the deaths of many villagers and ended the occupation of the village.


Natural collapse and filling of room.

Excavation Details