Structure 305, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Abuts north face of butte.

Specific Location

2 m grid south of Structure 302.

Interpretive Type


Structure Use

Few data regarding original use--bedrock has a burned spot in southeast corner, indicating some need for heat, light, or cooking. Only small lithic flakes, nonhuman bones, and sherds were found on the original floors. Latest use included construction and use of a slab-lined hearth, also three complete vessels (two kiva jars and a corrugated jar) were left resting on the latest surface against the east wall. One kiva jar was upside down, so perhaps these vessels were being stored here. Presence of hearth suggests some domestic use. The location of this building below Structure 301 (butte-top structure) leaves open the possibility that the roof of this structure was used to access the top of the butte.


The presence of complete vessels on floor suggests hasty abandonment. Data from other structures at the site indicate that most structures were abandoned as result of an attack in which many villagers were killed and occupation of the village ended.


Structure roof collapsed, probably naturally (no evidence of burning), upper walls collapsed, some material fell downslope into Structure 302. North portion of Structure 301 collapsed into Structure 305 from the top of the butte--floor logs were the last construction materials to come down.

Excavation Details