Structure 304, subterranean kiva

About this Structure

General Location

Just north of west end of butte.

Specific Location

18 m grid southwest of Structure 302.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Use of structure inferred to be consistent with other small kivas of this time period--probably some combination of domestic and ritual uses. Little direct evidence of use other than the presence of the hearth (heat, light, cooking). Surface artifacts appear to be incidental, except for a complete canteen found on the bench surface beside Pilaster 6 that might have been stored there.


A portion of the roof (timbers of a smaller diameter than cribbing beams) was burned prior to the attack that ended the occupation of the village.


(1) Structure depression partly filled with roof fall and culturally-deposited refuse, then (2) human remains from the violent attack in which many of the village inhabitants were killed were deposited, (3) the occupation of the village ended, (4) structural collapse was deposited naturally from kiva upper lining wall, and/or surface rooms to grid east, and/or Structure 307 on ledge above this kiva, and/or surface rooms on top of the butte; (5) looters' backdirt from surface rooms to grid east was deposited on modern ground surface.

Excavation Details