Structure 302, subterranean kiva

About this Structure

General Location

North of butte.

Specific Location

3 m north of Structure 305.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Use of structure inferred to be consistent with other small kivas of this time period--probably some combination of domestic and ritual uses. Architecture is typical, although the structure is larger than usual so may have seen some special use in addition to the usual domestic and ritual activities kivas were used for. Floor assemblage includes a complete Mesa Verde Black-on-white mug that appeared to have fallen off the bench surface, as well as two reconstructible Mesa Verde Black-on-white bowls and a corrugated jar resting on the floor between the deflector and the hearth. A bone awl, a pendant and a few ground-stone tools were also on the floor or bench surface. This assemblage was altered by structure abandonment events discussed (see Abandonment).


Abandonment by structure inhabitants appears to have occurred as a result of a village-wide attack that resulted in the deaths of many villagers. It thus would have been an abrupt and catastrophic abandonment; possibly some kind of temporary use followed the attack. Some portion of the roof was intentionally burned and other beams appear to have been removed during the final activity in the village.


Remnants of roof collapsed naturally (?), and this kiva filled with structural collapse from upper walls of this structure, and from structures upslope to the south and on top of the butte.

Excavation Details