Structure 206, subterranean kiva

About this Structure

General Location

South of butte.

Specific Location

8 m grid west of Structure 110.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Use of structure inferred to be consistent with other small kivas of this time period--probably some combination of domestic and ritual uses. Artifactual evidence of use includes only a partial, corrugated vessel on the floor.


Unclear. Roof-fall sediment rests on the floor, with no naturally-deposited sediment beneath it, indicating the roof collapsed at or shortly after abandonment. The roof was burned, but roof fall contains no cribbing beams, so cribbing beams appear to have been removed at structure abandonment or shortly thereafter. Disarticulated human remains of multiple individuals in roof fall are inferred to indicate that this structure was abandoned at the same time as most other structures on the site--which also have human remains in roof fall--thought to be at the end of village occupation. The disarticulated human remains in roof fall are thought to be the remains of some of the villagers who were killed during an attack.


Wall collapse rests on roof fall--not clear which walls this collapse is from, might have been from the upper lining wall of this structure, or from adjacent surface structures, or structures on top of huge boulder to grid east. Lastly, some aeolian, alluvial and colluvial sediments were deposited into the structure depression.

Excavation Details