Structure 124, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

South face of butte.

Specific Location

Adjacent on grid west to Structure 119.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

The presence of hearths, slab-floored pits, and numerous other domestic features indicate that a variety of domestic activities such as cooking and food preparation occurred in this room. Manos were recovered from the later floor, and chipped-stone debitage from the earlier floor. The ground-stone features in the floor are curious--similar subfloor features were found on early floors of Structure 119 and Structure 308. All of these features had been covered by plaster by the time occupation of the village ended. Unclear if this structure had an associated storage room like the other three excavated living rooms in this roomblock. Proximity also suggests that this roomblock is associated with the square kiva (Structure 103).


A few usable items were left on the floor when the room was abandoned; many items were probably removed when the room was abandoned, or were scavenged after occupation of the village ended. The room is thought to have been abandoned when village occupation ended as the result of an attack in which many villagers were killed.


Roof and upper walls collapsed naturally.

Excavation Details