Structure 110, subterranean kiva

About this Structure

General Location

Just south of butte.

Specific Location

Grid west of Structure 105.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Use of structure inferred to be consistent with other small kivas of this time period--probably some combination of domestic and ritual uses. Features and artifacts associated with floors suggest a variety of domestic activities; black-on-white and corrugated vessels, jars, and bowls are present. The presence of peckingstones indicates sharpening of grinding tools. Hammerstones indicate flaked lithic tool production or modification. Polishing stone and modified sherds indicate some pottery production. Unmodified nonhuman bone probably resulted from meal consumption. No hearth was encountered within the excavation unit, but the presence of a ventilator tunnel opening and a deflector indicate that a hearth is present outside the excavation unit. The hearth would have been used for heat, light, and food preparation. No direct evidence of ritual was encountered.


Abandonment of this structure appears to have occurred as a result of an attack that resulted in the deaths of many of the village residents, and that ended the occupation of the village; evidence of this is present in the human remains on the floor and in the roof fall in the structure. The roof was not burned; a small amount of unburned wood was noted in roof fall sediments.


Remainder of kiva depression filled naturally.

Excavation Details