Structure 108, subterranean room

About this Structure

General Location

In grid-southeast area of site.

Specific Location

1 m grid northeast of Structure 107.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure type unclear--seems to have been used for some domestic activities and contains a formal hearth. Artifacts recovered from floor included tools such as awls, peckingstones, and ground-stone tools. Evidence of food consumption includes eggshells and corncobs. It is not known which structures might have been associated with this room--is nearest to Structure 120 (surface room), Structure107 (kiva-like architecture but only semi-subterranean) and Structure 101 (subterranean, appears to be a dismantled kiva)..


Some usable items were left on floor, but many items could have been taken if the structure was abandoned in a leisurely way before occupation of the village ended, or objects could have been scavenged after the attack that ended the occupation of the village.


Stratigraphy difficult to interpret; several thin lenses above the floor might be layers of roof fall, refuse that accumulated during structure use, or lenses of refuse deposited after the structure was abandoned but before occupation of the village ended. Roof collapsed and some wall collapsed during natural filling of the structure depression.

Excavation Details