Structure 107, kiva, type unknown

About this Structure

General Location

Near grid-southeast edge of site.

Specific Location

A few meters grid west of Structure 101.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure type is not obvious--circular plan, masonry lining, ventilation system and large, well-constructed hearth are kiva-like; however, structure is only partly subterranean (only about 1 m deep due to shallow bedrock in this area). Structure has no deflector, and the exposed section of west wall contains no shaped stones, all of which are very unkiva-like characteristics. The upper-wall construction is unknown--the structure would have had to extend at least 90 cm above the level of modern ground surface for the roof to be high for an adult to stand upright. Structure fill does not contain enough wall fall to account for this much masonry. Structure fill contains obvious roof-fall stratum, so the structure was roofed, but the type of roof and the roof-support system are unknown. Hearth indicates need for heat, light, and possibly cooking. Complete, unburned hawk skeleton in hearth suggests possible ritual use of structure. Structure 204, to grid west, is a similar structure, but was more completely burned at abandonment..


Structure abandonment appears to have been similar to that of many other structures on this site that were abandoned when occupation of the village ended--roof was partly burned and collapsed, some beams probably removed. Complete, burned bird skeleton rested on stones in hearth (abandoned in the process of being cooked?). The remainder of the floor artifacts appear to be incidental debris. Absence of refuse in structure fill indicates that structure abandonment occurred when occupation of the village ended, which occurred as the result of an attack on the village.


Structure roof and walls collapsed, and structure depression filled naturally.

Excavation Details