Structure 907, nonmasonry surface room

About this Structure

General Location

North-central portion of site.

Specific Location

Southwestern portion of Nonstructure 901; 1-x-1-m unit 545N 526E.

Interpretive Type

Mealing room.

Structure Use

Structure 907 is a nonmasonry surface room that contained a metate bin (Feature 1) and a pit feature (Feature 2) that was located directly south of the metate bin which may have functioned to collect ground materials. Structure 907 was used for domestic activities.


Nonstructure 901 refuse was deposited above this structure. Nonstructures 915 and 916 (extramural surfaces) were cut into Nonstructure 901 deposits above Structure 907.


Natural wind and water sediments covered Nonstructure 901, 915, and 916.

Excavation Details