Structure 168, nonmasonry surface room

About this Structure

General Location

West-central portion of site.

Specific Location

Northwestern portion of Architectural Block 100; below Nonstructure 159; above Structure 176; 492.9N 490.1E.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure 168 is a surface room associated with residential architecture prior to the construction of the great house. Structure 168 is like other Late Pueblo II rooms in that it was used in a domestic function. The presence of a bin (Feature 1) and beans indicate that food was being processed and/or stored within the structure.


Structure 168 was abandoned in the Late Pueblo II period.


The prehistoric excavation of Structure 176 truncated the western portion of Structure 168. Nonstructure 159 refuse covered both structures after Structure 176 fell out of use.

Excavation Details