Structure 166, nonmasonry surface room

About this Structure

General Location

West-central portion of site.

Specific Location

Central portion of Architectural Block 100; below Structure 148, Nonstructure 164, Nonstructure 198, and Nonstructure 167; 493.7N 503.2E.

Interpretive Type


Structure Use

The function of Structure 166 is unknown because it was only recognized in the west profile wall. The surface room most likely functioned as a living room or a storage room in the Late Pueblo II period.


Structure 166 fell out of use during the Late Pueblo II period. The primary beams were removed from the roof and the remaining construction sediments and secondary beams were collapsed directly on to the structure floor.


Structure 166 was truncated by the construction of Structure 160 in the Late Pueblo II period.

Excavation Details