Structure 153, subterranean room

About this Structure

General Location

West-central portion of site.

Specific Location

Northwestern portion of Architectural Block 100; below Structure 143; 497.7N 499.1E.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Structure Use

Structure 153 most likely functioned as a storage room. This inference is based on the structure's height, which falls short of an average one-story structure. Because this structure was not a full story tall, it seems likely that it was used for storage.


Structure 153 fell out of use in the Late Pueblo III period. Remnants of vigas were insitu within sockets in the west masonry wall. The roof of Structure 153 did not appear to be recycled, but the majority of wood was too deteriorated to collect.


Structure 143 collapsed into Structure 153. Natural wind and water sediments and architectural rubble filled in Structure 143 and Structure 153.

Excavation Details