Structure 8-S, aboveground kiva

About this Structure

General Location

Upper west side.

Specific Location

Base of cliff, under overhang. Immediately west of main drainage that bisects the site.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

Kiva-type use; the presence of a hearth indicates that the structure was heated at times and that cooking may have taken place; no complete floor artifacts; roof fall artifacts included a complete peckingstone, a complete bead, and an incomplete mano; if these items rested on the roof or were stored in the ceiling, they suggest that domestic activities may have taken place during the final use of this structure.


No whole items were found on the floor or in roof fall; no large roof timbers found, rather they appear to have been salvaged and the remainder of the roof burned or left to deteriorate; this interpretation is based on the presence of small burned and unburned beam fragments in the kiva fill.


Structure filled with roof fall and wall fall from kiva and nearby structures; natural deposits also accumulated; part of the kiva was excavated during recent times, exposing some of the kiva architecture.

Excavation Details

Groups to Which This Study Unit was Assigned

See The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo (specifically the chapters on architecture, chronology, and artifacts) for more information on study unit groupings at Woods Canyon Pueblo.

Type ID Description
area 6 Area of upper west side
section UW Upper west side
subperiod 9 Late Pueblo III (A.D. 1225-1280)