Structure 23-S, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Northeast corner of pueblo. Part of rim complex; located at base of cliff.

Specific Location

Located between cliff face to the north and large rock outcrop to the south. Eeast of Structure 22-S, south of Structure 25-S, and below Structure 24-S. Room also rests below a boulder that is wedged between the cliff face and the rock outcrop.

Interpretive Type

Not assigned.

Structure Use

Ground-story room that is part of a small group of masonry rooms; room function unknown; access to room is not known; no doorways are visible, however, this may be because the walls are in poor condition.


No evidence.


Fill accumulated in room and may be from this room, the second-story room (Structure 24-S), and/or the structures on the ledge and rim above. Visible walls have partly collapsed. A large pit was excavated into the fill of this room during modern times.

Excavation Details

No excavations took place inside this structure.

Groups to Which This Study Unit was Assigned

See The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo (specifically the chapters on architecture, chronology, and artifacts) for more information on study unit groupings at Woods Canyon Pueblo.

Type ID Description
area 7 Canyon rim
section R Canyon rim
subperiod 9 Late Pueblo III (A.D. 1225-1280)