Structure 111, masonry surface structure

About this Structure

General Location

Structure 111 is located in the northern portion of the site.

Specific Location

Structure 111 is located north of Arbitrary 102, and northeast of Nonstructure 109.

Interpretive Type

Storage room.

Not assigned.

Structure Use

Structure 111 is used to define a wet-laid masonry surface structure, which in this case, is a room within a roomblock. This interpretatation is based on the surface scatter of rubble, the storage features dug into the floor of Structure 111, and earlier site reports which documented the site prior to its destruction by bulldozer in 1986.


Roofing sediment was found in contact with the floor of Structure 111, suggesting it was abandoned and the structure collapsed shortly thereafter.


Natural processes (wind and water) deposited loess over the top of Structure 111. It was also apparent that Structure 111 had experienced some kind of mechanical disturbance (plowing and/or bulldozing) which contributed to its postabandonment condition.

Excavation Details