Structure 810, masonry surface structure

Artifact Inventory (Surfaces and Features Only)

  • List of all artifacts associated with surfaces, feature fills, and feature surfaces (when applicable)
  • Artifacts are listed by surface, feature, and PL number
  • For analysis data for selected artifact types and contexts, see buttons at right.

PL = point-location number
PD = provenience designation number
FS = field specimen number

Surface 1:


Artifact Type

Provenience (PD, FS)

PL 1

tree-ring sample

PD 1245, FS 1

PL 2

other modified vegetal

PD 1245, FS 2

Surface 1: Burned spot, surface feature (Feature 1), fill


Artifact Type

Provenience (PD, FS)

flotation sample

PD 1246, FS 1