6,750 feet (2,057 meters)

General Topographic Description

Shields Pueblo is located on a gentle sloping ridge north and south of tributaries to Goodman Canyon.

Perennial Water Source(s)

The site is located northwest of two natural springs, Juarez Spring and Mona (also called "Teal Spring"). At least 18 other, less prolific, springs have been recorded in the nearby vicinity.


Water could have been collected from the slickrock (Dakota sandstone) drainage and slickrock pools near Goodman Point Pueblo (southeast of Shields Pueblo) following precipitation events.

Water-Impoundment Features

Goodman Lake, located 1,175 meters directly south of Shields Pueblo, consists of a prehistoric dam and reservoir appearing (from pottery and sites nearby) to date from the Pueblo II period. This reservoir captured runoff from an adjacent area of slickrock and would have held some water in most seasons (as it does today).