5520 ft (1682 m)

General Topographic Description

Castle Rock Pueblo is situated on and around the base of a narrow sandstone butte in the Entrada Formation, with part of the site built on the underlying Navajo Formation. The majority of the site is on and around the northwestern end of the butte, the surrounding talus slopes, and the associated terraces. Exposed bedrock surrounds the site on all sides except the northwest and the southeast. A shallow, intermittent drainage borders the site to the northeast.

Perennial Water Source(s)

McElmo Creek, 2,000 ft (600 m) south, may have been a permanent water source at the time of occupation.


Runoff from the slickrock north of the site

Water-Impoundment Features

The remains of two stone-and-earth dams are present 131 ft (40 m) north of the site, in an unnamed, intermittent drainage.