6,730 feet (2,051 meters)

General Topographic Description

Albert Porter Pueblo is located on a gentle south-facing slope on the southern portion of a north-northeast trending ridge between Woods and Sandstone Canyons. A small, ephemeral drainage runs into a tributary of Wood Canyon immediately south of the site.

Perennial Water Source(s)

There is a seep spring located in an unnamed tributary east of Albert Porter Pueblo. Stuart Porter noted the spring dried up in the early 2000s due to irrigation practices in the nearby fields and due to the presence of tamerisk. A second seep spring is located in the bottom of Woods Canyon, approximately 1.75 kilometers south of Albert Porter Pueblo.


Water could have been collected from the slickrock (Dakota sandstone) drainage and slickrock pools near Woods Canyon Pueblo (approximately 1.75 miles south of Albert Porter Pueblo) following precipitation events.

Water-Impoundment Features

A reservoir, most likely constructed during the Pueblo II period, is located approximately 1.2 kilometers south of Albert Porter Pueblo.